NTLA camp fire horror stories: Quiet title actions!

Do you remember going to those camping retreats when you were younger with the boy or girl scouts? The troop would gather around the camp fire when it would get dark, melting s’mores on twigs, until it was inevitable that the night would end with scary horror stories that would leave everyone trembling in their boots. In a tax deed investor’s world, the horror stories aren’t those of goblins and ghouls, but instead are of horrible experiences that lead to losing precious time and money on a Quiet Title Action. Shudder!

We recently attended our first NTLA annual conference at the end of February. After congregating and sharing each of our individual experiences we had at our exhibit booth, we found there was a common theme that kept popping up in conversations. One conversation in particular was about spending $6,000 to serve European heirs and another involved spending 6 months chasing down Board members of defunct corporations.


Who wants to wait four years to apply for a new title when they could potentially sell it as soon as 20-30 days from acquiring it? Why risk paying large amounts in attorney fees and costs and waiting anywhere from 6 to 12 months (or more!) for a Quiet Title when this service is not even guaranteed to clear the title? Why risk having more horror stories? In Florida, the answer is as simple as getting online, taking less than two minutes to create a profile with cleartosell.com, and then having an outcome in 20 days or LESS? So why not give it a shot? Let us help turn horror stories into success stories to tell at the next conference!

March 7, 2015

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