– Release your Capital & Increase your wealth!

Cleartofinance.com, a sister company to cleartosell, launches this month with a powerful offer to refinance tax deed and foreclosure auction real estate at reasonable rates to liberate investor cash for further investment.
Paul Krasker, Esq – Attorney and CEO of cleartofinance – says ‘Counties across America are still bringing incredible numbers of tax delinquent and other distressed properties to auction, and each property represents an opportunity for profitable investment to those who have cash available.’

‘Cleartofinance.com has access to a multi-million dollar fund available to be lent to tax deed investors ASAP’

Krasker continues ‘So many investors are forced to “flip” properties to release their cash and buy more properties. We allow investors to hold their properties with great cash flow potential and still have money to reinvest in the auctions.’


What would you do if you had the CASH you’ve invested back IN YOUR HANDS to invest all over again? With their liberated capital, some investors use the cash raised through cleartofinance.com to further improve existing property and others will head back to the auctions to buy more property. The lender will not stipulate the use of a loan so long as it is intended to increase the real property asset base of the investor, and so create wealth. It’s a win/win!

Whatever the business purpose, with a refinance loan from cleartofinance you can grow your capital base and acquire more tax deed and foreclosure auction properties.

If you have properties that are in good condition and rented out with strong rental income, you are likely seeing a return on your capital. But what if you could retain that return AND have your capital back? Cleartofinance makes refinancing simple with clear and helpful support all the way through the application process.

Learn more at www.cleartofinance.com, and apply online, or at 1-866-224-7730.

Press questions to paul.smith@cleartofinance.com

March 18, 2016

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