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Far too often we hear about someone who was all set to buy a property, then found out that it was acquired through Tax Deed auction some time ago, and the sale is halted. The tax deed investor never handled things on their end, and now they’re looking at a lengthy quiet title action before the property can be sold with a warranty deed and free of attaching legal issues. As the buyer of said property, you don’t want to wait months for a quiet title suit, so you’ll likely walk away from a deal that you really wanted, in the first place…

Or, you could call us and potentially have a clear title in 20 business days, ready for sale just as you had planned. Can you, as the buyer, initiate our services? Of course! The Certificate we provide may be vested in the owner’s name, but below are a couple options of how you can go about putting us to work for you, and getting the property you want.

First, and most obviously, you can put the Tax Deed owner in touch with us, showing them an easy way to get this property sold for profit quickly. You can remind them not only of how quickly we can get it done for them, but that they’re not bound to the terms of potentially a lengthy suit and expensive legal fees.

If the seller seems hesitant, or doesn’t want to do it themselves, here’s another option – once both parties have agreed to use our services, the current owner can pay for the certification process, and make that cost part of the home’s sales price, to be paid at closing.

This ensures that you don’t lose out on any funds if the owner decides the deal is off, and also that the owner is reimbursed at closing for anything paid up front. You get the property you want, the owner doesn’t mind paying for our services because they’ll end up being reimbursed, and everyone wins.

At Cleartosell, we are continually developing unique ways to save tax deed investors both time and money. Visit our Cleartosell YouTube channel to see our principal attorney address related topics of interest in our ongoing educational video series: Tax Deed Law Made Simple.

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April 30, 2018

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