Throw Back Thursday: Cleartosell Edition – A Year in Retrospect

As we approach the anniversary of Cleartosell’s first order received in September of 2014, we can’t help but reflect on this past year’s events and how far we have come in such a short time. Boy has it been an exciting year! Probably because tax deed investors are hungry for what we offer, we hit the ground running and haven’t slowed down.

As a small but rapidly growing company, what better way to measure our success thus far than by reviewing the opinions of our clients? So this is exactly what we did. We had our clients fill out customer satisfaction surveys on our timeliness of communication, clarity of communication, and over-all service. We were thrilled to find that we received above a 95% satisfaction rating in all categories, so I guess you can say we made the honor roll!


A recommendation is the highest form of compliment a company can receive. It is validation that the services offered are valuable enough to gain personal stamps of approval from our clients on to their respected colleagues. Our referral agent list is now growing at an unprecedented rate. Currently, nearly half of all new business is the result of word of mouth or referrals. Sometimes being the center of gossip is a good thing!

Alongside recommendations, returning clients confirm the satisfaction of services. Everyone has that one dependable lawn care service or car repair shop they swear by. Just like one would entrust their pristine lawn or precious vehicle only to a service they could rely on, a tax deed investor needs to know their investment is in good hands. Approximately 60% of business comes from our loyal repeat spend clients that trust us with all their tax deeded investments, and know we will get the job done.

While we have seemingly only just begun, and surely have a ways to go, it is encouraging to see such positive responses from our clients over the past year. We are not perfect, but we harness every opportunity for improvement and continue searching for ways to better benefit our clients. Feedback from our clients on how we can improve in any aspect of service is always encouraged and appreciated. If you are client and have not yet commented on our service, we welcome you to do so! We would love to hear about your experience so we have the opportunity to make it an even better one next time.

Here’s to another prosperous year to come!

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September 3, 2015

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