Frequently asked questions

Our Tax Deed Search Certificate is a document that is issued to our customers after our research team has determined, through our underwriter approved due diligence process, that there is sufficient evidence to allow our underwriters to insure the property with a title insurance policy on normal terms, without exceptions as to the tax deed sale. Your Certificate can be provided to your closing agent for a title policy for sale, refinance, or owner's policy.

Since 2014 we have made great investments into working with the largest underwriting partners in the State of Florida to develop a rigorous technology-driven system of research that can be conducted quickly and accurately. This, coupled with highly experienced on-staff real estate attorneys overseeing every file, has enabled us to offer an industry-leading combination of speed, quality and thoroughness of service--exclusive to Clear to Sell. Our certificate allows you to sell your tax deed property with a warranty deed with no exceptions to the tax deed sale, and no restrictions or underwriter tie-ins on future sales.

If you purchase a property in Florida through tax deed auction, the title is 'clouded' and requires subsequent action. Meaning, the tax deed purchaser does not have the ability to sell by a Warranty Deed. Tax deed properties represent a risk to underwriters issuing title insurance. A Clear to Sell Tax Deed Search Certificate will enable the owner of a tax deed to obtain a full title policy on normal terms from one of our expansive Florida underwriting partners. Without a Certificate, a tax deed owner’s only options for obtaining insurable title would be quiet title action, which can be a lengthy and expensive process, or wait four years for the statutory limitations period to expire. In either of the latter cases, the property owner is at risk of high carrying costs.

Quiet title action is a judicial process that is initiated by an attorney in an attempt to legally quiet any other claims/interest in the property. Due to unpredictable court timeframes, noticing of prior owners and heirs, and potentially divergent hourly and material legal fees, this process can be both long and costly. Our underwriter approved research-based method avoids these delays by instead evaluating the Clerk processes were done correctly prior to auction and prevents the need for court involvement.

Currently our service is fully available in Florida.

Orders can be placed online after creating your free account. You will need to provide the owner's contact information and the basic property details. If you require any assistance, help is available directly from our team via phone (855-680-4908) and email ([email protected]).

We charge an upfront non-refundable research fee of $900 for each property payable upon placing the order. If our research determines the title to the property is insurable, we then charge a Certificate fee as low as $1,095 depending on the volume of orders placed. See our discount structure on our 'prices' page.

No. Many clients choose to place their orders with us upon acquiring their tax deed property so as to avoid delays in any closing timeframes that they may encounter. Placing the order prior to having a buyer is usually the best option for all parties.

No. Clear to Sell does not offer any closing services or title insurance. We work directly with our underwriting partners and their agents, and provide them our Certificate to allow them to handle your transaction. The title insurance premium will be based on the value of the property and will be included as part of the closing expenses, all of which occurs after our work is complete.

We have been able to issue a Certificate in 94% of cases since 2014. With our highly systemized method of research, in the event we are unable to offer our Certificate, our research can be used as the basis for further action.

Our Tax Deed Search Certificates are good for 12 months from their effective date. If you have not used our Certificate within that time frame, our systems will automatically advise you of the expiration date as it approaches. We can extend your Certificate before it expires for another year, subject to update checks that can be made for a small additional fee.

Items that survive the tax deed sale will not be removed by our Certificate. The most common examples are county/municipal governmental liens, easements, restrictions, and covenants. These items are also not removed by a quiet title action.

No. Our Certificates can only be used for tax deed sales in the state of Florida.

Our due diligence research is based on the sale itself, so it cannot be completed prior to auction. However, pre-sale research is very important, and we have some helpful resources available including a due diligence checklist and an interactive class overviewing the different aspects of this research. Please contact us to obtain more information.

We have a free educational resource for new investors interested in tax deeds: