Fastest path available today

Many tax deed investors have good reason for holding their properties. But for those who prefer to keep their capital moving, Clear to Sell has the fastest, shortest path available today to sell your tax-deeded property and release your capital.

With fully trained and licensed title researchers available on the ground in every county of Florida, and a sophisticated technology backbone linking everyone in the work flow together, all under the direct supervision of our staff attorneys, we have been able to historically complete our work in an average of 22 business days.

Our underwriter-approved process quickly and accurately determines whether a title policy can be issued on your property without the need to file a quiet title action. When it is, our attorneys will certify your property to have clear title and provide written confirmation that a title insurance commitment will be issued by our underwriting partners. There are no limits to the sale price of the property.

If we find defects in the title of your property, we will report this to you in writing so you have all the facts at your fingertips. But, here's the good part: You will have the option to credit your fee toward the filing of a quiet title action by our staff attorneys that will be streamlined because of the research we have done. Because the quiet title action is at a low additional cost, in total you will pay no more than if you had gone straight to quiet title action. You can't lose!

Trusting the professionals at Clear to Sell is a win-win deal for you.