At Clear to Sell, we have developed a streamlined, simple system to determine whether the title was issued on a tax-deeded property following due process procedures and has good title despite its tax-deed history.

No hidden fees

You don't want complicated fee arrangements and you don't want the risk of the fee you thought you would pay ultimately being higher. We have no hidden charges and no variations to fees once you have instructed us. We operate on a totally transparent fixed-fee basis.

Simple system

To reflect the simplicity of our system, we have just one fixed fee for the research phase of $900 per property, regardless of value, location or type. This is payable with your order.

Once our research is complete we know whether our attorneys can certify the title on your property as good for resale, refinance or owner's policy in which case we will charge a further fixed fee of $1,850, again regardless of any other issue, which is payable before we issue the certificate. Repeat spend customers may be eligible for a discounted fixed fee as low as $1,095 depending on the volume of Tax Deed Certificates you have ordered. See our discount structure here.

Fees for repeat investors from $1995